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Vaccine Delivery System

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Enhancing Animal Health through Individualized Vaccination

Discover the transformative benefits of individualized chick vaccination. This state-of-the-art solution surpasses traditional vaccine techniques by providing uniform vaccination, allowing for improved vaccine performance, leading to accelerated flock immunity and enhanced flock health.

Experience the Future of Poultry Health with TARGAN.

Improving Animal Health & Performance

VDS Chicks- 2
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Precise + Full-Coverage

Individual and precise vaccination produces uniformity of protection, leading to healthier birds and improved flock performance.

Quick + Effective

The automated vaccine system swiftly vaccinates birds in the blink of an eye, offering individualized protection from top infectious diseases. 

Improved + Sustainable

Targeted precision merges with tech advancements for unmatched vaccination results, ensuring better bird protection, safety, and increased profits.

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Our Promise

Your Success
is Our Priority

By selecting TARGAN, you access cutting-edge technology and gain a dedicated partner focused on your success every step of the way. This commitment includes providing swift support with a highly trained and responsive service specialist and around-the-clock customer support. 

Contact TARGAN — We're Here to Support Your Success.

Poultry Vaccination technology Benefits

Automation enables high throughput, vaccinating up to 100k birds an hour per system

Machine Learning targets 95%+ accuracy in vaccine delivery leading to healthier chicks

Microdose Delivery enables targeted vaccine delivery for individualized bird vaccination

Meet the team

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Meet our sales team, who are excited to give you more information about our Vaccine Delivery System. 

Ali Matloub
Ali Matloub

Director of Sales & Business Development,
International Markets

Vincent Fevrier

Commercial Lead, Europe & North Africa

Colby Cummings

Key Account Manager,
United States

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Kirk Adams

VP, Sales, Marketing and Commercial Initiatives