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Increasing hatchery performance, productivity
and profitability 

The Need to Automate
Poultry Feather Sexing

Poultry sexing enhances profitability by facilitating the optimization of feed strategies, promoting uniform flock growth, and boosting efficiency in hatcheries and processing plants.

However, manual feather-sexing presents major challenges. It demands a significant labor force, leading to inconsistent accuracy and operational uncertainties. Many parts of the industry have moved away from manual sexing, highlighting the need to modernize a once lucrative practice.

Discover how our new WingScan solution is changing poultry sexing.

Automated Feather Sexing Soultion

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the WingScan Benefits

The Impact of Sexing on Uniformity

Utilizing WingScan for broiler sexing significantly enhances flock uniformity, leading to more consistent and predictable growth patterns. Below are graphs that compare the weight distribution of non-sexed and sexed broilers aiming for a target weight of 6 lbs (2.72 kg), showcasing the improved uniformity WingScan delivers to your operations.

Straight-Run: This graph presents the weight distribution for non-sexed (straight-run) birds, showing distinct curves for males and females and their combined average. The data shows average weights of 6.55 lbs (2.97 kg) for males and 5.65 lbs (2.56 kg) for females, with an overall average of 6.10 lbs (2.77 kg). This illustrates the variance in growth patterns when sexing is not applied.

Sexed: The subsequent graph highlights the benefits of sexing on broiler weight distribution. With sexing, birds show a much narrower weight distribution around the 6 lb (2.72 kg) target. The average weights for sexed males and females are 6.07 lbs (2.75 kg) and 6.02 lbs (2.73 kg), respectively, demonstrating a significant 24% increase in birds reaching the target weight.

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Powered by Advanced Technology


Reduces labor requirements while maintaining (or increasing) throughput potential.


Achieve up to 98% accuracy from day one. Compatible with all feather sexable breeds tested to date.


High-performance vision system swiftly and accurately determines chick sex, processing up to 100,000 chicks per hour.


Sort chicks in a welfare-friendly process that minimizes stress and complies with all known US, Canadian, and European welfare standards.


Enhances workflows, streamlining processes while utilizing data for performance tracking.


Industrial communication systems enable efficient data processing for enhanced real-time monitoring.

Your Success is our Priority

Data capture drives real-time decisions, prevents downtime, and improves reporting and forecasting

Reliable Service by a round-the-clock, highly trained service specialist team

Modular Design enables customization to meet all hatchery requirements

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Increase your profits

The Benefits of
Feather Sexing

Discover the advantages of feather sexing and its benefits across the production chain.

Revolutionize your production processes with WingScan and unlock untapped value.

Poultry sex Identification

Nutrition Management

Feather sexing allows tailored feeding strategies for male and female birds, maximizing growth potential and flock health.


Improved Uniformity

Feather sexing enables tighter weight distribution curves, allowing more birds to meet target weights.

Increased Yield

Feather sexing boosts yield by ensuring greater uniformity, enhancing the quality of breast, wing, and thigh meat. This improvement translates into significant revenue gains. 

Optimized Production

Separating male and female birds optimizes capacity, reduces variation, and ensures consistent product quality for processing automation. 

Improved Processing Planning

Separating male and female birds at an early stage provides valuable insights for processing plants, facilitating better planning and optimization of operations.

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