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Leading the Future of Animal AgTech for Enhanced Production and Performance

Innovating Responsibly, Transforming Ethically

TARGAN utilizes cutting-edge technology to reshape animal health and protein production through innovative engineering. Our commitment centers around fostering a sustainable global food supply, prioritizing advancements that enhance animal welfare, productivity, and increasing ROI in the poultry, livestock, and aquaculture industries.

Developing Solutions to Meet Your Needs

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Hatching Innovation
Who We Are

We Help Feed the World through Cutting-Edge Technologies

Shared values drive our passion to build a more sustainable global food supply.

We’re a collaborative team with demonstrated expertise in all aspects of Animal AgTech operations including engineering, R&D, manufacturing, global sales, supply chain, and reliable customer service – and we’re always moving forward.

Through our groundbreaking systems, which replace manual and inefficient processes in animal protein production, we propel the industry forward by improving animal welfare and profitability.