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Future Projects

Turning Vision into 
Technological Advancement

Shaping Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

TARGAN integrates engineering and biology to advance the animal protein production industry. We prioritize improved welfare practices and tangible results. Our current systems are revolutionizing the way poultry producers operate. We plan to continue this work in poultry and also expand into aquaculture and swine.


Hatching Innovation

As the pioneers of technologies for precision in poultry sex identification and targeted vaccination, we are dedicated to the continual advancement of reshaping the industry as we enhance production and empower producers to meet protein demands.

Future Poultry Production Solutions:

  • Increasing poultry production at the hatchery level without the need for physical expansion.
  • Improving the health of birds prior to farm placement by detecting nonviable chicks earlier.
  • Enhancing sanitation technologies to reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination and improve hatch.

These proposed systems will be instrumental in bolstering animal welfare and advancing poultry production processes.

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Cultivating Downstream

Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing forms of food production, resulting in an increased need for production improvements, or aquatech advancements. We’re redefining the future of animal health as we expand into multiple sectors due to the increase in demand.

Pipeline of Aquaculture Solutions:

  • Changing aquaculture production and automation for vaccination, sexing, lice removal, and data capture.
  • Innovating in-water technologies that reduce stress, improve performance, and decrease fish mortality.
  • Improving sorting technologies to provide more uniform production processes and improve harvest efficiencies.

Our current research in global aquaculture solutions will drive change to production for long-term sustainability.


Leading Advancements

Swine producers have historically relied on a cumbersome and challenging manual vaccination process. Embracing the future of swine production, our sustainable innovations are revolutionizing the sector. By merging cutting-edge technology with smarter practices, we're shaping a more efficient and ethical approach to swine farming.

Proposed Swine Technologies:

  • Creating innovation in nasal vaccination options to protect pigs from disease challenges.
  • Developing a full automated system to integrate conveyance, counting, and sorting of swine by size and other features, reducing the inevitable errors of manual processing.

Stay in the know as we build out our transformative solutions that prioritize both productivity and improved welfare practices in biotechnology.

Continual Progress

We’re committed to our work because TARGAN Technologies enable the world’s protein producers to transition to a future where they can increase production efficacy and safety. Our unique approach maximizes production yields and minimizes animal loss – all while focusing on improved technologies.

Curious about how our comprehensive solutions and disciplinary expertise can improve your production efforts, or interested in becoming a partner?