About Us

Our mission is to develop technologies that help improve the world’s food supply. Smart, creative, collaborative people, united under our common values, to succeed. 

TARGAN, a Biodevice Systems company based in Morrisville, North Carolina was founded as Applied LifeSciences and Systems in 2015, in a basement apartment in Raleigh, NC. The company began with an idea sketched on a piece of paper, and a few dedicated people who volunteered to make it real.

Today, that small group of volunteers has become a team of 30  people (and growing). The sketched idea has developed into an advanced vaccination system, poised for commercialization in 2022.

Throughout our continued growth, our values and mission have remained constant.

Our Values Define Our Culture

Everything we do, how we work together, where we focus our efforts, are guided by our core values.


It’s earned over a lifetime but can be lost in a moment. We say what we do and do what we say.


Change is good. Good change is better. We aim to help the industries we serve become more effective stewards of our food supply.


By treating animals at the individual level, we can effectively, humanely, improve food production.


Our team of experts challenges each other, relies on each other’s knowledge, and works together to find optimal solutions.

Doing Good

We’re a company with a heart. When we do good for the world, we do good for ourselves and our families.

Company Growth and Culture

It all started with one person with an idea.

From that modest beginning, TARGAN has grown to a dedicated team of 30 people and counting. Collaborating. Innovating. Leaving no stone unturned in our quest to build a more sustainable global food supply.

You could attribute our growth to our ideas and our technology. But it’s deeper than that.

We’re a company with a heart. We seek to do good within our business and our community. We value trust, partnership, and friendship. Those values unleash our collective creativity and guide us in finding solutions to difficult problems.

Our culture is what drives our success.

Our Team

TARGAN boasts a team with more than 580 years of industry experience and 160 years of executive expertise in all aspects of operations including R&D, manufacturing, global sales, supply-chain and services.

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