We are excited about the huge challenge we have accepted.

To help animal protein producers make the transition away from antibiotics and other chemicals, while minimizing animal loss from infection. That requires both speed and accuracy.

Our approach is to apply multiple technologies to the challenge. High-speed vision with feature recognition. Microfluidics. Humane animal handling. Artificial intelligence. Working together, these technologies form a dynamic system that accounts for the unpredictability of live animals. And it administers vaccines to individual animals, quickly, effectively, accurately.

About Our Proprietary Technology

We are developing proprietary systems that will help the world’s food producers meet the demands of a growing population, incorporating these technologies:

  • High Speed Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Feature Recognition
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Microdose Delivery

Growth Opportunity

Our primary focus today is on poultry. And for good reason. It’s where the greatest need is.  

Poultry is the most popular choice for meat protein in the world. With few cultural or religious restrictions, chicken is an affordable, healthy, versatile food enjoyed by people all over the world. 

The global demand for poultry has led to high-intensity farming practices and of the use of antibiotics and other chemicals to maximize production. But consumer attitudes toward antibiotics are changing. Producers are responding, but they also need to contend with coccidiosis and other infectious diseases that can cause tremendous losses in production and resources. 

That’s where TARGAN’s opportunity lies. To help poultry producers make the transition to advanced vaccination, minimizing loss due to infection. 

And that’s just the beginning. We believe our approach and technology will have additional benefits in maximizing efficiency, minimizing resources, and bringing more humane treatment to our food supply.