Our technology is helping feed the world.

TARGAN has developed a portfolio of smart technologies that empowers producers to respond efficiently to the growing demand for protein production.

Feeding the world is no small feat, and our team is up to the challenge.

Our technologies enable the world’s protein producers to transition to a future where they can raise animals without the use of antibiotics and chemicals. Our unique approach maximizes production yields while minimizing animal loss.

TARGAN’s Automated Targeted Vaccine Delivery System employs an array of sophisticated technologies – including high speed imaging, microfluidics, artificial intelligence and humane animal handing – to deliver a complete vaccination solution that is both fast and accurate.

We’re defining the future of animal health

TARGAN’s proprietary solutions use the latest software and hardware innovations to meet the world’s growing food demands, including:

  • High-speed Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Feature Recognition
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Microdose Delivery

Poultry is our primary focus

Poultry is the most popular animal protein in the world. It has become an affordable, healthy, versatile food with very few cultural or religious restrictions.

To keep up with demand, producers have been forced to employ intensive farming practices along with the use of antibiotics and other chemicals to bolster production. But consumer preferences are changing – and changing fast. Increasingly, consumers are demanding more chemical and antibiotic-free foods.

That’s where TARGAN’s opportunity lies. To help poultry producers make the transition to advanced vaccination, minimizing loss due to infection.

And we’re just getting started. TARGAN’s unique approach will bring additional benefits including enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and more humane treatment of animals.