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Improving Animal Protein Production Through Targeted Technology


TARGAN'S Feather Sex Identification System

Poultry sexing increases profitability by optimizing feed strategies, increasing flock uniformity, and enhancing plant performance and product yield.

However, manual feather-sexing requires sizable labor forces, results in variable accuracy, and creates uncertainties in hatchery operations. This has caused some in the industry to move away from a production approach with known benefits.

It's time to automate your poultry sexing methods.

TARGAN's groundbreaking sexing solution has revolutionized the poultry industry, with up to 98% field accuracy and consistent performance from the day's first chick to the last.

Leveraging high-speed imaging, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the system accurately determines bird sex on day one. Its efficiency and reliability shorten hatchery days and reduce the need for extensive crews by requiring just one system operator. This change results in substantial time and labor cost savings for integrators.

Poultry sex Identification

Data capture drives real-time decisions, prevents downtime, and improves reporting and forecasting

AI technology can perform at up to 98% sex identification accuracy

Automation enables high-throughput sexing for hatcheries handling 500k-4M birds weekly

Compatible + Modular

Our team collaborates directly with producers to customize a hatchery solution to align with your specific requirements. With our modular design, we provide scalable flexibility to hatcheries processing 500k to 4M birds weekly.

Advanced + User-Friendly

While the system is state-of-the-art, it is also user-friendly and supported by a responsive service specialist, remote monitoring, and around-the-clock customer service to ensure its continued operational effectiveness.

Safe + Accurate

We prioritize chick welfare, aiming to minimize stress levels. Our automated imaging promotes animal-friendly operations, reducing injury risks from manual sexing while enhancing accuracy and performance.

The Benefits of Feather Sexing

Growing straight run broilers leads to a house with birds having different nutritional needs and wide distribution growth rates. This approach can result in potential economic losses and decreased plant performance.

Feather sexing, in contrast, empowers producers to separate birds based on their sex. This approach enhances nutrition, improves house uniformity, and customizes stocking density, ensuring consistent product quality for processing.

Separating male and female broiler birds enables growers to implement targeted feeding strategies by sex. Targeted feeding can result in enhanced weight gain.

Male and female birds grow differently. Separating them optimizes house capacity and turnover times and reduces variation in the plant. Better uniformity at the plant improves production line utilization, increases yield, and ensures a higher percentage of end products meet targeted specifications.

Now, you can streamline your poultry production efficiency, reliability, and profitability.


Guaranteed 95%+ accuracy,
with in-field performance of
up to 98%.


Process 100,000 birds hourly, surpassing manual sexing, reducing labor, and boosting productivity.


Multi-system configuration for hatcheries handling 500k to 4M birds weekly, providing tailored flexibility.

Poultry Vaccine Delivery

TARGAN's Poultry Vaccine Delivery System

Poultry producers face multiple challenges as demand rises to eliminate chemicals and antibiotics in foods, but traditional vaccination methods cause variation in protection and performance.

Mass spray vaccination methods can result in low vaccine takes and rely on spreading from bird to bird in the house, which slows the process and can take weeks for most birds to be protected.

Enhance animal health and productivity with targeted vaccination precision and efficacy.

Poultry Vaccination technology Benefits

Automation enables high throughput, vaccinating up to 100k birds an hour per machine

Machine Learning targets 95%+ accuracy in vaccine delivery leading to healthier chicks

AI Technology enables targeted microdose delivery for individualized bird vaccination

Precise + Full-Coverage

Individual and precise vaccination produces uniformity of protection, leading to healthier birds and improved flock performance.

Quick + Effective

The automated vaccine system swiftly vaccinates three birds in the blink of an eye, offering individualized protection from top infectious diseases. 

Improved + Sustainable

Targeted precision merges with tech advancements for unmatched vaccination results, ensuring better bird protection, safety, and increased profits.

Your Success is Our Priority

Our business model operates on equipment-as-a-service. By selecting TARGAN, you not only access cutting-edge technology but also gain a dedicated partner focused on your success every step of the way. This commitment includes providing swift support with a highly trained and responsive service specialist and around-the-clock customer support. Whenever you need assistance, know that TARGAN is just a call away.

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