Protecting Our Food Supply

Our work is focused on helping food producers maximize their efficiency and minimize losses through effective, humane vaccine delivery. We can have the biggest impact in three key industries. 


We are developing a proprietary system for day-of-age vaccination that accurately, effectively treats every individual bird. The system employs multiple technologies to help producers phase out antibiotics while minimizing infection loss.

Future modules will help producers streamline production by sorting birds by gender and screening for abnormalities to remove unhealthy chicks.  

More efficient production. Better vaccine efficacy for reduced infections. Less reliance on antibiotics and chemicals. A more humane food supply.  


Another opportunity to impact the world’s food supply is in the swine industry. Current manual vaccination methods are cumbersome and inefficient. We’re exploring ways to help improve the pork production process with an automated, needle-free vaccination system that ensures proper treatment at different life stages. 

The system will also integrate conveyance, counting, and sorting of piglets by size, reducing manual processes and human error. 

Safer, more effective animal vaccination and treatment. Easier animal handling and management. Reduced risk of meat contamination from broken needles. 


We are poised to develop new technological applications that will revolutionize current processes in aquaculture. Our proprietary technologies have the potential to provide automated, in-water vaccination, improving vaccine performance and eliminating the need for anesthesia. 

An in-line solution will also help make operations more efficient, combining vaccination, delousing, sorting, and handling of farm-raised fish. 

Greater production and efficiency. Reduced stress and decreased mortality of fish. Modernization of fish farming processes.