Protecting Our Food Supply

TARGAN is focused on empowering food producers to maximize their efficiency and minimize losses through effective, humane vaccine delivery. 

We are currently developing solutions for poultry, swine and aquaculture producers.

Enhanced Poultry Production

TARGAN provides poultry producers increased efficiency through effective vaccination. Our proprietary day-of-age vaccination system immunizes every individual bird accurately and effectively. Our system employs unique technologies to ensure every chick leaves the hatchery vaccinated, reducing the need for antibiotics and chemicals to treat sick birds once in the field.

Future modules will help producers streamline production by sorting birds by gender and screening for abnormalities to proactively identify unhealthy chicks.

A Revolution in Swine Vaccination

Swine producers have historically relied on a cumbersome and challenging manual vaccination process.

TARGAN will revolutionize the swine vaccination processes using its automated, vaccination system that ensures proper treatment throughout the entire lifecycle of the animal.

Our fully automated system will integrate conveyance, counting, and sorting of swine by size and other features, reducing the inevitable errors of manual processing.

In-Water Automated Fish Vaccination

TARGAN is developing a comprehensive, in-line vaccination solution for aquaculture producers. Our unique approach eliminates the need to anesthetize animals and remove them from the water while simultaneously improving vaccine performance and automating the entire process.

TARGAN makes aquaculture production more efficient by offering vaccination, delousing, sorting, and automated handling of farmed-raised fish.