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Life at TARGAN

Mar 21, 2024

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: John Ngunjiri, Manager, Bio Process

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: John Ngunjiri, Manager, Bio Process
EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: John Ngunjiri, Manager, Bio Process

Meet John Ngunjiri, a dedicated member of the TARGAN team since January 2022. With a passion for finding solutions to livestock diseases and a drive to make a meaningful impact, John's journey has been inspiring. Join us as we spotlight John, his unique hobbies, motivations, and the vibrant company culture he thrives in.


  • +What inspired you to pursue a career in Biology and join TARGAN?
  • Growing up in a poor rural area in Kenya, I developed a deep curiosity and passion for learning and finding creative solutions to problems. My desire to pursue a career that would impact the world led to my calling in the biology of infectious diseases. This field allows me to contribute to the betterment of humanity.
  • After years of dedicated scientific research on animal disease pathogens and vaccines in academia, I discovered TARGAN, a company at the forefront of revolutionary technologies and innovative approaches with a mission to enhance global food security by improving livestock health. It was clear that TARGAN was where I could bring my aspirations to life.
  • +Can you share a fun fact or unique hobby you enjoy outside work?
  • Working on home improvement projects is one of my passions outside of work. I enjoy taking on DIY projects and finding creative ways to enhance my family's living space. I also cherish spending time with family, shuttling my children to their favorite fun activities, and hiking in the woods. 
  • +How do you stay motivated and find inspiration daily?:
  • My humble beginnings in Kenya instilled a deep motivation to pursue personal and professional success. All those who selflessly supported me in my personal and professional endeavors have inspired me to firmly believe in the inherent value of human beings and the power we have to make a positive impact.
  • I am grateful for the sacrifices made on my behalf, which drives me to make the most of every opportunity. Surrounding myself with supportive individuals who challenge me inspires me to push myself and grow.
  • +Is there a quote that guides your approach to work or life?
  • If you don't strive to learn anything, you won't be able to make discoveries. - Philip I. Marcus (John's Mentor)
  • +How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Biology?
  • I listen to science podcasts and read articles and scientific papers. As a reviewer for several scientific journals, I constantly engage with cutting-edge research and contribute to advancing the field.
  • +What do you enjoy most about working at TARGAN, or how would you describe the company culture?
  • At TARGAN, my ideas and work are valued, and my feedback is welcomed. I am particularly exhilarated by TARGAN’s culture that fosters personal and professional growth, promotes open discussions, and values honesty and transparency.

Join us in thanking John Ngunjiri for all his hard work and dedication!